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My art is inspired by a personal journey to freedom.

From life with the stress, to being closer to nature, closer to inner wisdom and finding peace..


My abstract cosmic worlds are born out of fascination of consiousness , search for meaning , harmony and freedom. 

I feel alive when i paint, i feel i am on my soul path when i create. Through my art i find balance and that is what i want to transmit and share with the viewer.

Uplifting colour palates and relaxing shapes for the eyes. 

Through spontanios movement, & texture of sand i bring that harmony and balance in to the space. Painting a feeling then an actual thing. `Capturing time in that specific unique moment of being present. 


My work embodies all the elements that influenced me to grow towards self-love and acceptance. Discovering my inner power of creator, to expand my perception and be more present. 

I am a true believer that creativity, art making and mindfulness, help us to accept ourselves with the beauty and quirks as well as our imperfections. And deepen our relationship from within. Providing a safe, non judgmental space for exploration, healing and self evolution.


I choose to work consciously in my art making process, allowing myself to play and discover. Prioritising sustainability and ways to co-create with nature.

My work is an exploration of consciousness, to raise my own and inspire others. Finding creative ways to connect to the divine nature within, to feel fulfilled and in balance. I express femininity, elements, zen and simplicity through art. Cultivate deeper observation through art making process  and its healing power with years of practice. 


I come from many years of professional art & fashion background, in cities likeTel Aviv, Paris & London. Now i found grounding closer to nature, on the White Island of Ibiza.

 Where I currently live with my family and work on my artistic & creative projects.

Art is a universal language, where we can transmit our emotions, energy and thoughts. 

Our thoughts are interconnected. They carry a great power. Individually & collectively.

Thoughts have an energy field, creating a complex connection of magnetic field.  A bit like the fine threads sewing the net of consciousness & it's communication

Sharing thoughts is our human need. Need for inspiration, validation, attention, love and much more. Sharing thoughts through art, passing the knowledge, registering time and history is our way to live something behind.

Marie Su Loher

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