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Creative Workshops with Marie Su Loher. 

Welcome to my series of conscious creative workshops & retreats, mindfully created and designed to expand our awareness and deepen our creative abilities.

To be able to enrich your daily life experience and well-being, finding ways of self expression and transformation. Allowing healing to take place. To ignite your creative fire within.

To really connect to the source of creativity within, it is about opening up to it. Creating space & time to practice, to discover,  as anything it needs your intention and attention.

I work with mediums of gestalt expertise & expressive arts therapy, which is a mix of philosophy  psychology and art, wiving into it sensorial activation & work with 4 elements. 

I specialise in the art of senses as my essential tool box. Working close with nature and the environment, creating a new way of embodiment process, experimentation, transcending comfort zones, lifting up old patterns, finding new ways of being and seeing yourself. I use well researched conscious information & studies of many years to create each session. 

It is a mix of guided meditations, writing, art making in different mediums, dance, movement practices, breath work & sensory activating technics. In these series of workshops & online retreats, I bring all these elements together.

Dive in to a space of inspiration and discovery, filling up your heart with love & healing power of creativity.  



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